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TBL - Cultural Dimensions of Teams  
Learning outcomes:

1. Recognise and understand established cultural dimensions relevant to team learning dynamics.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of high-context cultures, especially in relation to communication style.
3. Comprehend behaviours and attitudes associated with a polychronic time orientation.
4. Understand the relationship between power distance and...

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Updated on: October 19, 2023
Embedding raptivity content in LAMS 4.0 stars
In this example we show how we can embed one of the Raptivity examples (Seven wonders of the world) into a LAMS lesson using a simple iframe.

This is just a one activity sequence for the sake of demonstration.

The Raptivity content is linked from this lesson so internet access is required. The copyright of the seven wonders belongs to its owners.

Keywords: external content,...

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Updated on: May 03, 2015
War World II - SoftChalk 4.0 stars
This is a lesson in which we add a learning packaged created in SoftChalk, a content authoring software for educators in K-12, colleges, universities and medical programs.

Using one of their examples, we add the package into LAMS share resources activity and it can play directly within the LAMS lesson.

Keywords: world war II, history

Run time: 30 mins

Delivery Mode: online...

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Updated on: March 09, 2015
NetLogo example  
This sequences uses NetLogo in it as an example of how you can use external tools within LAMS sequences.

In this case, we use NetLogos applets embedded into a Noticeboard activity and also three examples from the web with Share Resources.

NetLogo URL:

Keywords: netlogo, applets, example

Subject: embedding applet resources into lams...

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Updated on: February 23, 2012
Painting 2.0 stars
This sequences presents a cool Flash painting application that allows kids to create their own painting and then submit it to the teacher. Very easy and simple to use!

Keywords: Painting, Share paintings

Subject: Painting

Audience: K-12

Delivery Mode: On line

Resources: All included. You must have access to the internet to access the Painting application (see...

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Updated on: November 23, 2010
Capitals of the Americas and Europe (Super Hero... 4.5 stars
Here's a sequence we use for testing the assessment tool. It tests on the smaller and not so much heard about capitals of the Americas and Europe. The whole super hero part is to make the assessment a bit less boring.

Keywords: Americas and Europe Capitals, Assessment, Super Hero

Subject: Capitals of the Americas and Europe

Audience: Anyone

Run time: 25 mins max

Delivery Mode:...

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Updated on: April 04, 2010
Mensajero Urgente! 3.0 stars
En esta secuencia demostramos como se pueden utilizar juegos que ya existen en internet para crear secuencias educativas que aprovechan estos recursos para enseñar y hacer reflexionar a los alumnos sobre la implicacia de los medios de transporte en el medio ambiente.

Keywords: simulación, juegos, reflexión, medio ambiente, impacto social

Subject: Mensajero Urgente

Audience: Alumnos...

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Updated on: March 25, 2010
Geogebra to Graph equations in LAMS 4.0 stars
Using GeoGebra in LAMS to get students to submit their equations.

In this sequence the teacher asks the students to use GeoGebra ( to draw equations and then submit them for marking.

Keywords: Equations, Match, GeoGebra

Subject: Using GeoGebra to graph equations

Audience: Math, Algebra

Run time: 10 mins

Delivery Mode: Online

Resources: GeoGebra...

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Updated on: February 11, 2010
GLO Learning Objects in LAMS 4.0 stars
This is an example on how to use the Generative Learning Object Maker in LAMS. Full details on how I created the LO and add it into LAMS Share Resources can be found here:

Keywords: GLO, LAMS, Share Resources, Learning Objects

Subject: learning objects example within LAMS

Outline of Activities: Share resources

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Updated on: July 10, 2009
Flash Video and MP3s in LAMS Sequence  
This sequences shows an example on how to use MP3 Flash players to play MP3s directly out of a LAMS Noticeboard tool. This sequence uses the JW MP3 Player(1), a free MP3 Flash Player. It also uses the JW Flash Video Player(2), which is also free under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Creative Common License(3).

You can have a look at the HTML code that I put in the Noticeboards....

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Updated on: July 17, 2007
Video and Audio in LAMS sequences 4.5 stars
In this sequence, we should a very simple example on how to add video and audio within LAMS sequences using the standard LAMS tools.

Keywords: Audio, Video

Subject: Video and Audio in LAMS sequences

Audience: All

Run time: 2 mins

Delivery Mode: Online

Resources: Video from and audio from an mp3 file on the web

Outline of Activities: Noticeboard and Shared...

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Updated on: December 11, 2006