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Adjectives - Comparative and Superlative  
Σεμινάριο 2016 LAMS_I_

Τελική Εργασία, Τίγκα Ούλλα, Αγρίνιο-Τμ.2

Keywords: adjectives, comparative, superlative, grammar

Run time: one teaching session, 40-45 minutes

Delivery Mode: in class but at home as well

Resources: Internet

Outline of Activities:
Activities include the following:

two songs on adjectives, a survey with two questions on what adjectives are/denote,...

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Updated on: April 05, 2016
Prepositions - Tigka  
Keywords: English, grammar

Run time: 30'

Delivery Mode: online

Resources: video, adapted from a previous existing sequence

Outline of Activities: First Activity:

Icebreaking-Preposition Dance Video

Second Activity:Q&A Session

Third Activity:Chat-Discuss about Preposition

Fourth Activity:Let's Play-Preposition...

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Updated on: March 21, 2016
Αξιοθέατα του Λονδίνου  
Keywords: Λονδίνο, αξιοθέατα

Run time: 5'

Delivery Mode: Παρουσίαση

Resources: Εικόνες

Outline of Activities: Μαθητές βλέπουν μερικά αξιοθέατα του Λονδίνου, αναγνωρίζουν αυτά και ψηφίζουν για το πιο ενδιαφέρον

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Updated on: March 20, 2016