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Maria Rozou
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Member since: March 17, 2016
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My template for team work  
A education template suitable for team work educational sequences.
Keywords: Education, Template

Run time: 2 hours

Delivery Mode: Internet

Resources: Internet

Outline of Activities: Previous Knowledge, Presentation, Collaborative work, Team Work Evaluation, Problem Solution (Answer)

Downloaded: 3 times
Updated on: April 07, 2016
Multimedia Applications 3.0 stars
Keywords: Multimedia, Applications, Video, Image, Picture, Sound

Run time: 135 min

Delivery Mode: Browser / Class

Resources: Computer / Internet Access

Outline of Activities: Multimedia Application Development and Evaluation

Downloaded: 4 times
Updated on: April 06, 2016
JavaClasses 5.0 stars
Keywords: Java, Classes, Programming Languages, Application Development, Object Oriented Programmin

Run time: 2 hours

Delivery Mode: In class

Resources: Internet Access

Outline of Activities: Learning developing and manipulating java classes and objects by practicing on them.

Downloaded: 2 times
Updated on: March 17, 2016