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Olga Papaioannou
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Member since: March 28, 2016
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Η ιστορική εξέλιξη του Καραγκιόζη  
Keywords: καραγκιόζης, Θέατρο Σκιών

Run time: 1 hour

Delivery Mode: in class

Resources: no extra files required

Outline of Activities: Students comment on the work of others in their small groups.

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Updated on: April 05, 2016
Citizenship 4.0 stars
Keywords: citizenship

Run time: about 1-1.5 hours (or 45 munites ib the class and the rest completed out of the class

Delivery Mode: in the class, but if chat is scheduled can be run as an out of the class activity

Resources: no extra file required

Outline of Activities:
Aim: To develop creative and reflective writing skills.

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Updated on: March 28, 2016