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Δημοπούλου - Criticism on Mother Teresa - more...  
Keywords: argument building, critical thinking, expressing opinion

Run time: 1 - 2 45-minute sessions

Delivery Mode: prints outs OR online

Resources: Student's book - Beginners (the state's book), 2nd grade Junior High School

Outline of Activities: vocabulary game, video watching, spotting and collecting arguments, expressing opinion, voting for sth

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Updated on: June 04, 2018
Mother Teresa Criticism  
Guided oral and written production, forming arguments and reaching a conclusion, expressing your opinion. Lesson based on the life and charitable work of Mother Teresa as well as the criticism she received.

Keywords:arguments, expressing opinion, Mother Teresa, criticism

Run time: 1-2 teaching sessions (45min each)

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Outline of Activities:

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Updated on: June 02, 2018