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Assessment Gate Conditions  
After this discussion [] in the community…

This is a demonstration of using Assessment outputs to open gates.

When the learner submits an incorrect response for the MCQ Questions as part of the assessment, they are held back by the gate.

!! In this example, THE LEARNER MUST ACHEIVE 100% ON...

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Updated on: July 18, 2011
LAMS 101, Lesson 2 - LAMS Environments 4.0 stars
Second lesson in the LAMS101 course.
Describes each environment of the LAMS system:  Learning, Authoring, Monitoring and System Administration.
This lesson also demonstrates how LAMS can replicate a 'real-world' educational structure.

(Updated to version 2.3.4)

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Updated on: April 20, 2010
Six Thinking Hats  
The 'Six Thinking Hats' method developed by Dr. Edward de Bono promotes a combined approach to group discussion and individual thinking. By using this critical thinking method, Learners are encouraged to use one of these thinking styles in isolation, so the whole group works through an issue or idea in an organised and comprehensive manner.

A sequence for learners familiar with the Six Hats....

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Updated on: April 19, 2010
LAMS 101 Part 3 - The LAMS Activities  
Final lesson in the LAMS101 course. Discusses all of the tools available in LAMS and gives demonstrations of each in action.

[This version updated for LAMS 2.3 release, 20 April 2010]

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Updated on: April 19, 2010
Scientific Heroes 4.0 stars
A Demonstration sequence to showcase the new 'Support Activities' in LAMS.

Learners explore some scientists and their inventions/discoveries, then submit a report about how the inventions/discoveries were recieved at the time, and how they are regarded today.

All images used in this sequence are in the Public domain.
Sources are listed in the online instructions of the Voting activity....

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Updated on: May 07, 2009
Musical Notation Demo  
Using the noteflight beta, [], LAMS can display musical notation in a LAMS sequence.

The notation can be played back in the browser.

Noteflight also allows importing from music software such as Finale (tm) or Sibelius(tm), so you can share these scores with your learners.

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Updated on: February 04, 2009
Google Gadgets Examples 3.5 stars
This sequence demonstrates some "Test Case" uses of Google Gadgets incorporated into LAMS Sequences.

For a step-by-step tutorial on adding Gadgets to your sequences, visit

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Updated on: September 11, 2008
Google Gadgets - Noticeboard and Forum 5.0 stars
This is the sequence used to create the wink at

It contains two activities which incorporate Google Gadgets: The first is a noticeboard which displays the price of Crude oil in real time,

the second is a forum that displays live news feeds from Google News.

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Updated on: September 11, 2008
LAMS 101 part 1 - What Is LAMS? 4.0 stars
Lesson 1 in the LAMS101 Course.

Describes what LAMS is, and demonstrates effective use of the Learning and Monitoring environments.

This sequence is now included with all LAMS 2.1+ server installations.

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Updated on: July 02, 2008