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Turkish sentence  
Sequence created using the problem-based planner. The objective is to discuss the order of the sentence elements in turkish.

Keywords: sentence, elements, turkish

Subject: Linguistic Typology

Audience: Higher University

Run time: 10 hours

Delivery Mode: Online and face to face

Resources: Library and classroom books

Outline of Activities: Bibliography

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Updated on: July 04, 2009
Los palos del flamenco  
Sequence created using a resource-based planner. The objective is to explore new areas of knowledge

Keywords: flamenco, spanish, fields of knowledge

Subject: Spanish as a second language

Audience: High education

Run time: 20 hours

Delivery Mode: Online

Resources: Internet

Outline of Activities:

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Updated on: July 04, 2009
Noam Chomsky, is he a revolutionary linguist?  
The main objetive in this sequence is to learn about Chomsky's linguistic theories. It is presented as a webdilemma as the students will have resources for and against Chomsky's theories. Students will be asked to anaylise both position and at the end chose one of them.
This LAMS sequence is had been done using the WebDilemma Activity PLanner.

Keywords:Chomsky, linguistics, webdilemma...
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Updated on: March 22, 2009
What is Discourse?  
The main objective is to learn how to create a good bibliography on an especific topic and to learn how to define.
This sequence is based on a peer learning approach, so students will be able to consult, analyse, critise and comment on everyone's work

Keywords:discourse, discourse analysis, bibliography

Subject: Linguistics

Audience: University

Run time: 20 hours

Delivery Mode:...

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Updated on: March 22, 2009
El sueño de Casandra  
Palabras clave: lingüística, marco semántico, woody allen, el sueño de casandra

Tema: Lingüística

Audiencia: Estudiantes universitarios

Tiempo: 3 semanas

Actividades Previas: El visionado de la película el sueño de Casandra

Idioma: Español

Descripción: El objetivo de esta sequencia es que los alumnos aprendan a construir marcos semánticos. Para ello se les ofrece...

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Updated on: May 26, 2008