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Debbie Evans
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Stolen Generation  
A stage 3 sequence which addresses some of the issues faced by the Stolen Generation of Australian Indigenous  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders during the 20th century.

Keywords: Stolen Generation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Traditions & Heritage

Subject:Human Society & Its Environment, Australian History

Audience: Stage 3-4 (Yrs 5-8)

Run time: 1-2 weeks...

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Updated on: August 25, 2006
History of Electricity 5.0 stars
A Stage 3 sequence which utilises the site to discover facts about the history of electricity. The NSW COGS unit Physical Phenomena outlines the outcomes for this sequence.

Keywords:electricity, energy, renewable, non-renewable


Audience:Stage 3 Primary students age 10-12

Run time: up to one hour

Delivery Mode:on & off computer / group...

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Updated on: May 21, 2006