Sequence: Prepositions

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Sequence: Prepositions

* Interacts effectively in groups and pairs, adopting a range of roles, uses a variety of media and uses various listening strategies for different situations.

* Produces texts clearly, effectively and accurately, using the sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions of the text type.

* Uses efficiently an integrated range of skills and strategies when reading and interpreting written texts.


Subject:English K-6

Audience:Year 4

Run time:1 Hour

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Outline of Activities:
First Activity:Icebreaking-Preposition Dance Video

Second Activity:Q&A Session

Third Activity:Preposition Song

Fourth Activity:Chat-Discuss about Preposition

Fifth Activity:Independant Learning-Recognising Prepositions

Sixth Activity:Let's Play-Preposition Games

Seventh Activity:Assesment-construct sentence or story

Eighth Activity:Make a video-Summary and Reflection

Nineth Activity:Homework-Assignments to students.

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Date: 01 April 2010 06:01 AM
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    Nice work!

    Nice presentation, indeed, on a subject that is a real pain for most students. I wouldn't change anything. Keep up the good work!
    Georgios Kourtis on March 16, 2016 01:30 AM (view details)