Sequence: What is Psychology

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Sequence: What is Psychology
A simple sequence to help students identify their preconceptions of psychology. Useful as an exercise early in an introductory psychology course for either first year university or psychology courses designed for late high school.

Keywords: Psychology, Introduction, Preconception, First Year, Definition

Subject: Psychology

Audience: First Year University or Late High School

Run time: 30-60 minutes+ (depending on how much the final Forum is used)

Delivery Mode: Various - can be run in computer lab, or fully online, or a mixture

Resources: None

Outline of Activities: The sequences starts with common definitions of psychology, then asks students to reflect on their own ideas and preconceptions of psychology. It then presents some typical student experiences of introductory psychology courses, and concludes with a final questions about preconceptions, and a discussion forum for ongoing debate. This forum could be used briefly for a sequence run over a single class session in a computer lab, or more extensively over an extended period for an online homework task (using the forum) after a lab session, or more extensively for a sequence run over a longer period in fully online mode.

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Date: 22 September 2005 11:01 PM
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