Sequence: MacICT - Schools Exploring Environments(SEE)

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Sequence: MacICT - Schools Exploring Environments(SEE)
Keywords:environment, online, inquiry, investigate, wiki, project, biodiversity, habitat, ecology, sustainability

Subject: Years 5 -10

Audience:Students engaged in local environment studies

Run time: Flexible - days to weeks

Delivery Mode: Online with field work

Resources:The online course supports distance schools investigating their local ecosystem to identify and build environmental awareness about the factors affecting the biodiversity in the natural environment. It involves schools working individually or collaboratively, in which high school students mentor primary school partners in the shared responsibility of caring for their local ecosystem.

Outline of Activities: A sequential program combining mindmapping, wikis, forums, voting, creative writing and data collection and analysis. Student centred and collaboartive.

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Date: 01 November 2010 05:17 PM
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