Sequence: Role Play-Interactive Whiteboards (2 roles)

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Sequence: Role Play-Interactive Whiteboards (2 roles)
This is an example of the 2 role Template for Role plays using the scenario of teachers considering the adoption of Interactive Whiteboards at a typical K-12 school.

Further information about this approach is contained in the book "Practical eTeaching Strategies for Predict-Observe-Explain, Problem-Based Learning and Role Plays" by James Dalziel. See the "Books" section of for details.

Keywords: Role play, schools, interactive whiteboards, template

Subject: Education

Audience: Trainee teachers

Run time: 1-2 hours synchronous, 2-4 weeks asynchronous

Delivery Mode: Online

Resources: None

Outline of Activities:

Phase 1 – Background and Preparation

Step 1 [Text page]: Welcome
Step 2 [Text page]: Description of scenario
Step 3 [Text page]: Description of task structure for the progress of the role play
Step 4 [Text page]: Description of roles

Phase 2 – Pre-Role Play Reflection

Step 5 [Grouping]: Allocation to roles (random allocation)
Step 6a [Notebook]: Reflective Notebook for initial thoughts about allocated role in the given scenario
Step 6b [Q&A]: Question & Answer about initial thoughts on role – students answer the question for themselves, then see all answers from their role group
Step 6c [Forum]: Further discussion of the role among others in role group
NB: Step 6a/b/c are “private” branches, which means only the students allocated to a certain branch (based on the role allocated in Step 5) are able to view activities within this branch.

Stop point
The teacher manually “opens” this gate after at an appropriate time (students cannot progress past this point until it is opened). Opening is done in the LAMS Monitor area.

Phase 3 – Role Play Proper

Step 7 [Forum]: Discussion forum for all students – students post their initial views to their role thread, and then continue discussion/debate across all threads as ideas develop.

Stop point

Part 4 – Post Role Play

Step 8 [Voting]: Students steps out of their role and each decides his/her own view “for” or “against”
Step 9 [Notebook]: Student reflects privately on what he/she has learned
Step 10 [Q&A]: Students debrief by sharing what they found interesting or surprising from the activity by answering a question, then seeing the views of others

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