Sequence: PBL - Why is the Sky Blue

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Sequence: PBL - Why is the Sky Blue
This is sequence on the topic of "Why the Sky is Blue?" using the eTeaching strategy "Problem-Based Learning".

Further information about this approach is contained in the book "Practical eTeaching Strategies for Predict-Observe-Explain, Problem-Based Learning and Role Plays" by James Dalziel. See the "Books" section of for details.

Keywords: eTeaching Strategy, Template, Problem Based Learning, Science, Physics, Waves

Subject: Science

Audience: Secondary School

Run time: 30-1 hour

Delivery Mode: Online

Resources: None

Outline of Activities:

Phase 1 – The Problem

Step 1 [Text page]: Introduction to the PBL process
Step 2 [Text page]: Description of the Problem

Phase 2 – Initial Reflection, Analysis & Discussion

Step 3 [Notebook]: Reflection on existing ideas and knowledge in a private notebook
Step 4 [Q&A]: Each student analyses the problem and describes their ideas and existing knowledge, and then gets to see the answers of other students
Step 5 [Forum]: General discussion of students’ existing knowledge and ideas about approaching the problem, hypothesis generation and testing, together with discussion of topics for research and allocation of topics to students

Phase 3 – Research

Step 6 [Web Search/Share Resources]: Individual/small group research on topics agreed and allocated in Step 5 using a search engine (students can also share their chosen resources using the LAMS tool for this step).

Phase 4 – Followup Discussion & Solution Preparation

Step 7 [Forum]: Students discuss their research findings, followed by exploration of their implications for the problem, leading to the preparation of a solution and rationale

Phase 5 – Solution & Feedback

Step 8 [Q&A]: Each student describes his/her solution to the problem and rationale (individually), and then gets to see the answers of other students
Step 9 [Text page]: Feedback resources on the problem, together with comments on generalising the problem and its solution to other contexts
Step 10 [Forum]: Comments from the teacher on student solutions, and any final student discussion of different solutions and rationales

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