Sequence: Exploring Song Lyrics

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Sequence: Exploring Song Lyrics
A simple sequence for English as a Second Language  (ESL) students to help them find a song they like, find the lyrics for this song, then use an online dictionary to help them find the meaning of unfamiliar words. Students complete this sequence individually (there is no collaboration) so they can do it at any time.

Keywords: ESL, Songs, Lyrics, Dictionary

Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL), English

Audience: Any ESL

Run time: 10-30 minutes

Delivery Mode: Online (no collaboration required)

Resources: None

Outline of Activities:
Step 1 (Noticeboard) - students search for a favourite song on Google
Step 2 (Noticeboard) - students search for the chosen song on YouTube to watch music video
Step 3 (Noticeboard) - students search for chosen song on Lyrics Mania to see song lyrics
Step 4 (Noticeboard) - students use an online dictionary to find unfamiliar words from the lyrics

NB: This sequence was inspired by an example given to me by Katrina Hennigan from student work at Navitas English - thanks!

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Language: English
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Authored By:   James Dalziel
Date: 09 August 2011 09:36 PM
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    Piece of cake

    An easy and simultaneously inspiring way to occupy kids in an interesting and modern way, respecting their interest and preferences.
    How about adding an activity requesting feedback of what they did or liked or even learnt through this sequence?
    Ulla Tigkas on March 19, 2016 09:29 AM (view details)