Sequence: PBL - Christianity and Pacifism

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Sequence: PBL - Christianity and Pacifism
A sequence about the question of non-violence (Pacifism) and Christianity - based on the PBL template from Practical eTeaching Strategies. This sequence was developed for a workshop for the Sydney College of Divinity, September, 2011
Keywords: Problem Based Learning, PBL, Christianity, Pacifism, Non-violence, Just war, ethics

Subject: Christianity and Pacifism

Audience: Upper secondary school or tertiary education

Run time: 1-2 hours synchronous or 1-2 weeks asynchronous

Delivery Mode: Online (but one discussions can be changed to face to face discussions if desired)

Resources: None

Outline of Activities: Follows the PBL template from Practical eTeaching Strategies (see ), but combines the final four steps into a single discussion activity.

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Authored By:   James Dalziel
Date: 03 December 2011 07:29 AM
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