Sequence: Versailles LAMS

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Sequence: Versailles LAMS
This is a template LAMS sequence based on the Versailles Role Play as described in the IMS Learning Design Best Practice Guide - see

One important variation from the original is that each country is given its own negotiation room (rather than creating separate bilateral negotiations rooms for all country pairs), this reduces the negotiation rooms needed from 15 to 6. However, negotiating rooms can be accessed by any country to allow for different negotiations at different times (or negotiations between more than 2 countries if desired. NB: Although access to these rooms is not restricted, a record of every access is kept).

Keywords: Role Play, World War 1, Learning Design, Versailles

Subject: History / Learning Design exemplar

Audience: Secondary school

Run time: 3-6 weeks

Delivery Mode: Online and face to face

Resources: This is just a template - appropriate World War 1 content for this task needs to be added.

Outline of Activities: See sequence and IMS Learning Design guide for details.

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