Sequence: Preaching in Acts

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Sequence: Preaching in Acts
A short sequence with questions about the topics covered in the preaching in the Book of Acts in the New Testament, with implications for the definition of the Gospel of Jesus.

These activities are adapted from Chapter 1 or "The Cross is Not Enough" by Ross Clifford and Philip Johnson (2012).

Keywords: Preaching, Acts, Gospel, Jesus, New Testament, Resurrection

Subject: Theology, Christian Education

Audience: Secondary or Tertiary Education, Adult Learning

Run time: 10-15 minutes

Delivery Mode: Online - can be used before (or during) a lecture on this topic.

Resources: None

Outline of Activities: After an introduction, student reflect in a private notebook on their memory of the preaching in Acts, then share a summary of this with peers in a Q&A. Four voting tasks follow that explore different assumptions about the topics covered in the preaching of Acts.

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