Sequence: Template - What is [Insert topic here]

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Sequence: Template - What is [Insert topic here]
This is a template to help design sequences used at the start of a course to introduce a new topic, and encourage discussion and reflection on preconceptions about this topic. This template should not be run as is - the text of each activity needs to be edited first to apply it to your chosen topic area. For advice on how to use this template, see the Template Advice file that accompanies this sequence. For an example of this template applied to a specific topic, see What is Psychology at

Keywords: Introductory, Definition, [insert keywords]

Subject: [insert topic]

Audience: Introductory students in [insert topic]

Run time: 30-60 minutes+ (depending on how much the final Forum is used)

Delivery Mode: Various - can be run in computer lab, or fully online, or a mixture

Resources: See accompanying Template Advice file for information on how to edit this template, including a concrete example

Outline of Activities: The sequences starts with common definitions of [insert topic], then asks students to reflect on their own ideas and preconceptions of [insert topic]. It then presents some typical student experiences of introductory [insert topic] courses, and concludes with a final questions about preconceptions, and a discussion forum for ongoing debate. This forum could be used briefly for a sequence run over a single class session in a computer lab, or more extensively over an extended period for an online homework task after a lab session, or more extensively for a sequence run over a longer period in fully online mode.

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    Request for feedback

    This is a new kind of sequence file - a generic template that you edit to apply to a specific topic (rather than a sequence built ready to run for a specific topic).

    I think we have much to learn about what works and what doesn't for generic templates/patterns, so I'd value feedback on this - please review the file, have a go at editing it (and even using it!), and then I'd really appreciate it if you could post your thoughts here. Thanks, James

    James Dalziel on September 28, 2005 09:07 PM (view details)