Sequence: dynami-6-Newton 3 law_english

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Sequence: dynami-6-Newton 3 law_english
Keywords: physics, 3rd newton's law

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Outline of Activities: teaching Newton's 3rd law of motion with examples

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Audience: Middle school
Subjects: Physics
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Authored By:   giorgos fakiolakis
Date: 02 November 2015 04:13 PM
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    dynami-6-Newton 3 law_english

    I like the video with the examples about the action-reaction forces and especially the example with the measuring of our weight on the scales.

    But I have two main objections:
    a) The force is a vector quantity and when two vectors have the same measure ,  and opposite directions they are called opposite. So the action - reaction forces are exerted on different bodies but they are opposite forces because they are vectors.
    b) The vector sum of the action - reaction forces is zero, their resultant is not zero when we are interested for the resultant of one body's forces. When we are interested for the resultant of the two bodies system's forces the resultant of the action - reaction forces is zero (intrinsic forces).

    Stavroula Koliopoulou on April 05, 2016 02:41 PM (view details)