Sequence: Travelling through time (NEW!)

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Sequence: Travelling through time (NEW!)
A revision of the grammar form "used to" for past habits that are no longer true and of vocabulary related to the 60' s and Ancient Greece through a diary, a Beatles' song and a movieclip.

Keywords: past, past habits, time, used to, Ancient Greece, the sixties, diary

Run time: 1 to 2 class periods

Delivery Mode: online, in class or out of class

Resources: no extra files required

Outline of Activities: This is basically a revision of Unit 5 of the school text book ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ ΣΤ' ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟΥ, attempted through activities such as a mindmap, quizzes, a crossword, surveys, a song, searching for/adding pictures and some grammar. It was based on activities suggested in the school text book and others provided by photodentro or found on the Internet.
Students have already been taught the grammar/vocabulary revised in this sequence and are expected to consolidate further what they' ve learned through fun, motivating activities.

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