Sequence: This is my body and belongs to me

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Sequence: This is my body and belongs to me
Keywords: Body, discuss, locate, external body parts, internal body parts, private parts, unique

Run time: 40 mins

Delivery Mode: In class

Resources: no other resources acquired

Outline of Activities:
The lesson aims to focus on the human body and is designed to allow students to locate and discuss external body parts, internal organs and private body parts. It also aims to allow for students to compare and contrast themselves to their peers and acknowledge uniqueness. Students answer questions, discuss their experiences and beliefs in group chats and acquire knowledge through explicit notifications.
•    GDS1.9 Describes the characteristics that make them both similar to others and unique
•    V2 respects the rights of others to hold different values and attitudes from their own and;
•    V3 enjoys a sense of belonging

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Audience: Middle school
Subjects: Physical education
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Date: 09 April 2016 02:51 AM
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