Sequence: Year 6 Geography Sequence EDUC261

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Sequence: Year 6 Geography Sequence EDUC261
Keywords: Geography, Stage 3, Year 6, Sydney Light Rail Program,

Run time: Approx. 40 minutes

Delivery Mode: In class but can be completed as an out of class activity if students do not complete

Resources: No extra files required

Outline of Activities: Students summarise and identify key points about the Sydney Light Rail Program to then form an educated opinion about it.

Addresses the outcome: GE3-2: Explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments.

Humans shape places
investigate how people influence places, for example: (ACHGK029)
- description of who organises and manages places eg local and state governments
- identification of ways people influence places and contribute to sustainability eg roads and services, building development applications, local sustainability initiatives F ST
- examination of a local planning issue; the different views about it and a possible action in response to it

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Audience: Middle school
Subjects: Geography Technology
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Date: 26 December 2016 05:14 AM
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