Sequence: Adverbs of frequency

Sequence Information
Sequence: Adverbs of frequency
This sequence aims at teaching 5th graders of Primary School the adverbs of frequency.

Keywords: adverbs of frequency, habits, grammar

Run time: 55' (10’ home preparation/ 45' in class activities)

Delivery Mode: at home and in class (flipped classroom lesson)

Resources: all the pictures used in this sequence are taken from

Outline of Activities:  Phase A: Watching the video with the theory at home and answering questions
                              Phase B: Group work with differentiated activities
                              Evaluation of the lesson

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Audience: Elementary
Subjects: Language and Linguistics
Language: English
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Authored By:   Marianthi Diamantelli
Date: 03 January 2018 09:47 AM
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    Μπράβο, υπέροχη δουλειά και αρκετά δύσκολη στο στήσιμό της.
    Andromachi Chaikali on January 05, 2018 01:54 PM (view details)


    Απίστευτη δουλειά! Τη θεωρώ υπόδειγμα. Κρίμα που δεν την παρουσίασες..
    Maria Rapti on January 13, 2018 04:01 PM (view details)


    Φανταστική ακολουθία! Μπράβο Μαριάνθη!!!!
    Antonia Kapsi on March 13, 2018 01:59 AM (view details)

    That was a LOT of work!

    Πολλή δουλειά, ολοκληρωμένο αποτέλεσμα!
    Alex Soulan on March 14, 2018 02:59 PM (view details)


    Εξαιρετική δουλειά!! Συγχαρητήρια!!
    Martha Diamantopoulou on March 17, 2018 01:23 PM (view details)


    Marianthi, I am speechless!!!Wow!You really lived up to our tutors' expectations!
    ANDRIANI CHRISTINA RIGOUTSOU on March 21, 2018 02:46 AM (view details)


    Adriana Gotsoulia on April 15, 2018 09:24 AM (view details)


    Πολύ σαφής ακολουθία και κατανοητή.
    Angelica Papageorgiou on June 03, 2018 04:08 PM (view details)