Sequence: Shakespeare-ience Sequence-Maria Tzotzou

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Sequence: Shakespeare-ience Sequence-Maria Tzotzou
Class: 5th Grade Primary
Subject: English (Level Α1-Α2)
Coursebook Unit: Famous People of the Past (Pupil's Book, Unit 7, Lesson 1)
Title: "Shakespeare-ience"
Duration: 2 teaching hours (90 min)

A lesson about William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright in Britain and worldwide, in order to familiarize 5th grade primary school learners with Shakespeare's life, works, quotes, theatre as well as the Elizabethan era through foreign language practice and interactive tech tools.

Keywords: Shakespeare, English Theatre, English Language, 5th Grade, Primary School, Elizabethan Era

Run time: 90 min

Delivery Mode: Flipped Classroom

Resources: You-tube, HotPotatoes, Google Search, Google Translate

Outline of Activities: Video Watching, JCloze, Wordle, Jigsaw Puzzles, Reading Comprehension, Writing Activity, Google Translate, Self-assessment, Feedback Quiz, Pairwork, Groupwork

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Audience: Elementary
Subjects: Education Language and Linguistics Literature
Language: English
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Authored By:   MARIA TZOTZOU
Date: 28 March 2018 09:20 AM
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    Μαρία πολύ καλή η ακολουθία σου. Πολύ καλές ομαδικές και ατομικές δραστηριότητες.Οι μαθητές σου σίγουρα θα το διασκεδάσουν.
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