Sequence: Els cossos geomètrics

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Sequence: Els cossos geomètrics
This sequence is designed to introduce and work the concepts of three dimensional geometry with elementary students (age 10-11).

Keywords: maths, geometry, 3D, polyhedra

Run time: 9 sessions of about 1 hour each

Delivery Mode: in class, but it could also be done out of class

Resources: no extra files required

Outline of Activities:

Introduce and learn about three dimensional geometry in an enhancing way so that children's learning is significative as well as to develop and improve their digital competences, their critical spirit, their ability to work in groups and their communicative skills.

- Identify, recognize and describe with precision the geometrical 3D shapes present in the environment.
- Explain and exemplify the elements that make up the geometrical 3D shapes.
- Analyze the characteristics and properties of the geometrical 3D shapes.
- Classify the geometrical 3D shapes according to their characteristics and properties.
- Understand the different types of regular polyhedra.
- Know and use correctly the appropriate vocabulary to describe the geometrical properties of the 3D shapes.
- Create geometric 3D shapes using material and with ICT resources.
- Understand and experiment with the concept of volume.
- Formulate and contrast hypotheses on geometric properties in an experimental way.
- Use two-dimensional representations of the geometrical 3D shapes to visualize and solve volume problems.
- Apply ideas and geometric concepts to problems of daily life and the environment.

Prerequisites or any previous study required:
two-dimensional geometry

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