Sequence: 3-2-1 Bridge (thinking routine)

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Sequence: 3-2-1 Bridge (thinking routine)
3–2–1 Bridge

The 3–2–1 bridge thinking routine is an effective tool for students to identify changes to their thinking across a learning task, lesson or project. There are three core components to the strategy; reflection on initial thinking, reflection on new thinking and consideration of how thinking has changed or developed.

It is flexible and can easily be used with a wide range of subjects and learning experiences.

How does 3–2–1 Bridge works?

To begin, the students are asked to use the 3–2–1 thinking process based on their current knowledge and understanding. At this stage, the students must think of 3 thoughts and ideas, 2 questions and 1 metaphor or simile that they can think of related to a new learning topic.

This is a useful activity to encourage students to consider their prior knowledge of a topic and for the teacher to pre-assess the students’ current level of understanding.

Keywords: Thinking routines

Run time: 30 to 45 minutes

Delivery Mode: Online or in class

Resources: None

Outline of Activities:

1. Introduction to Lesson [Noticeboard]
2. Pre-Assessment 3–2–1 (Q&A)
3. An Introduction to Democratic Governments (Share Resources)
4. Post-Assessment 3–2–1 (Q&A)
5. Bridge Your Thinking (Notebook)

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