Sequence: writing research paper (Hanh Vo)

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Sequence: writing research paper (Hanh Vo)
Subject:Writing Research Paper

Audience:Students in English Center

Run time:60 days

The course is designed to teach international students in an English Center. These students are graduated students whose first language is not English. They may come from many different countries and different majors. It is two months language skills and academic preparation course for studying at university. The course guides step by step to complete an academic research. Students are expected to acquire skills for university study like researching essay topics, writing assignments and reports. It also aims to help students become an independent and self-directed leaner. Besides, they also have chance to get knowledge on their major. In the course, students will do almost all activities online, but at some stages, teacher will stop and give some helps or consultations to help them complete their project.  Some online activities require students to work asynchronously like discussion at a forum, but sometimes they have to work synchronously such as chatting with their friends at scheduled online discussion. The course is divided into 5 stages:
•    Choosing topic
•    Writing research proposal
•    Writing literature review
•    Writing findings, conclusions
•    Completing
At the end of each stage, students have to submit assignments for teacher to know how students’ progress. Then they will get feedback from the teacher at consultation. Consultation is also the time for teacher to correct, encourage, and give advices to help students sharpen their knowledge, increase motivation and improve at the next steps. Knowledge will be acquired and increase through the process. At the end of the course, students are required to have capability to write an academic research by themselves. The end result will be a portfolio of work that demonstrates students’ achievement and progress during the course.

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Date: 05 October 2006 01:00 PM
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    This is the longest sequence that I have ever seen! But the stops are an effective way to break it up, and the first noticeboard very clearly spells out the course requirements. Very interesting :-)
    Bronwen Dalziel on October 08, 2006 07:53 PM (view details)