Sequence: Musical Notation Demo

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Sequence: Musical Notation Demo
Using the noteflight beta, [], LAMS can display musical notation in a LAMS sequence.

The notation can be played back in the browser.

Noteflight also allows importing from music software such as Finale (tm) or Sibelius(tm), so you can share these scores with your learners.

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Language: English
LAMS Version: 2.2.0.
License: Other Licensing Agreement

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This sequence is available under CC-NonCommercial-Sharealike

This sequence makes use of external software provided by Noteflight LLC.

To use the software (and make use of the functionality demonstrated in this sequence) you must sign up for an account with noteflight, by which you agree to their terms and conditions as specified here []

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Authored By:   Jeremy Page
Date: 04 February 2009 09:45 PM
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