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1: Ernie
09/02/06 04:08 AM
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I do not succeed to contact you at your e-mail.
The smtp server answers: 553 Domain must resolv.


Posted by Edoardo Montefusco

2: Re: Ernie
In response to 1 09/02/06 04:12 AM
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The new domain is perhaps "" ?

Posted by Edoardo Montefusco

3: Re: Ernie
In response to 1 09/03/06 10:10 AM
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Hi Edoardo,

There has been some major network issues over the weekend here at Macquarie Uni. It seems that the *entire* university was without DNS and *all* emails to the 35,000+ people were bouncing back... really really bad as all the emails that were sent while this problem occured are lost.. so please resent the emails again at my usual email address.

But it seems they have fixed this now.

Thank you,


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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