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1: Going crazy trying to create a link
12/01/05 03:55 PM
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Creating a link in the notice board doesn't
seem to be an easy task (at least for me).

Is this a bug or is it just my computer?

I underline a word that is going to be linked. The moment
I try to write a URL the word is unselected the moment the cursor is placed in the link field.

Josep M.

Posted by Josep M. Fontana

2: Re: Going crazy trying to create a link
In response to 1 12/01/05 04:52 PM
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You are going to love this (and don't ask me why I thought of it).

Once you highlight the text, go to the little (apparently) link SYMBOL to the right of the link box.

Once you click on it, http:// should show up in the box and you can type in your link


I thought that was good, but it is not enough. AFTER you type in the link you need to hit the little link symbol AGAIN in order for it to take... (this part took some playing, believe me)

At least it worked for me that way... good luck


Posted by Dean Shankle

4: Re: Re: Going crazy trying to create a link
In response to 2 12/05/05 03:38 PM
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Thanks Dean and Ernie,

A little more calm now since my presentation is over (I have another one in two days, though so you might see some new desperate message here), I can only say that Ernie is totally right: this editor leaves a lot to be desired :-}

I tried to do what Dean recommended and it worked (thanks Dean) but it gets to be really confusing. I don't think this should be a priority since getting LAMS to do things such as conditional activities seems like a more interesting goal, but I think little things like this will have to be improved in the end if LAMS is going to be used by a wider public to start creating sophisticated learning activities. I know it is already being used in real courses in some institutions but the average teacher/professor would have a fit trying to create a web page with this editor.

Of course there are ways around like creating your HTML with a different editor and then cut and paste to the LAMS notice board but it's not very nice/comfortable (and it is not what LAMS deserves :-}).

Josep M.

Posted by Josep M. Fontana

5: Keep it coming!
In response to 4 12/05/05 04:55 PM
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Please continue to post any interesting little problems you have. I'm glad to be trying to help find solution for these things while you are under pressure, rather than me. :)

This editor is a little quirky. It would take more training to get some of my clients up to speed on this than it does on moodle. But it does do some cool stuff, so it is worth it.


Posted by Dean Shankle

3: Re: Going crazy trying to create a link
In response to 1 12/01/05 06:45 PM
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Hi Josep,

Yes, the Noticeboard editor is quite a bad one. We got this from Macromedia (actually we even paid for it!) and its quite a crappy one.

At any rate, if you feel comfortable enough with HTML, you can use the HTML noticeboard.

If you are not cool with HTML, and as a temporarely work around it, we've been suggesting people to use the FCK editor (I know, funny name, but it works quite nice :-)), which is pretty similar to the editor Moodle users for Forums. LAMS 1.1 uses this editor now, so it should solve this ugly macromedia crappy editor problem and we can ditch it forever.

This FCK editor allows you to edit all the code with a nice interface and then you can click the "Source" button, you can get all the HTML code and paste it in the HTML Noticeboard.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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