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1: Uploaded Lams Images Location?
10/06/10 06:37 PM
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We have just recently migrated our moodle server onto a new server. We have bought LAMSV2 across with this and have our activities working but the images that should display within those activities have not carried across. These were uploaded through LAMS and i've been unable to find where exactly they are stored and why they haven't come across. Is anybody able to give me some advice on how LAM's uploads it's images? I have copied the entire folder structure but i am guessing it's possible i'm missing something from the database?
Thanks in advance for any help

Posted by david tancredi

2: Re: Uploaded Lams Images Location?
In response to 1 10/06/10 06:43 PM
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Hi David,

Aside from the jboss-4.0.2 directory, you will also need to move the repository folder.

The location of the repository folder is in the "Content Repository Folder" location in the Sysadmin Menu -> Configure Configuration Settings". Make sure you copy that folder across to the same location.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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