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Hey Fellas,

Alright, so we are getting ready to start testing the LAMS -Moodle2 integration.

The advantages on this integration is that:

1) It works with Moodle2 :-)
2) It's a complete re-write so gives us a change improve on previous issues/bugs we had before and
3) Takes advantage -as much as I can, to make use of the Moodle architecture.

On this last one, along with the groupings and all other share characteristics of Moodle module, we now also have been using Moodle Activity Completion, one of the many Moodle2's features.

This Activity Completion sets a state for Moodle activities... meaning that now these activities can be set as completed. That means that you can track progress of users directly in Moodle and also make use of Moodle2's conditionality and/or activity locking. These are quite useful new features in Moodle that we are leveraging on in this integration.

Technically speaking, I'm very impressed with the Moodle2 framework. It makes a lot of sense for what I've been able to play with.

Now, without further due, here's the demo site you can play with:

Get yourself an account, enrol in the course there and go crazy.

Note that this is still work in progress and there are quite a few features missing: like gradebook integration, preview, deeper integration, random optimisations, code clean up, etc.

Also is worth taking into account that this integration module is a complete re-write from the previous one, so I haven't been able to work out an upgrade path for people that want currently use Moodle 1.9 and LAMS. But we'll come up with something :-)

As always, we need your feedback so feel free to post questions, comments, suggestions, etc here.

Thanks and enjoy!


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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