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1: an problem about IE 6
02/28/11 12:28 AM
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Long time no see, Ernie!!
And I found a new problem about lams in IE 6 browser. Here is the problem :

Yes,you can see the left tool bar had disappeared,we can't use any tool in author.(only occurr in IE6)
I know lams does not support IE 6 prefectly.
But I find the offical web demo would't occurr this problem in IE6 .
So I want wo know dose any configuration can solute it.
I have no idea now.

Posted by leo luo

2: Re: an problem about IE 6
In response to 1 02/28/11 05:36 AM
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Hi Leo,

IE 6 is very very old and not a secured browser. To the extend that not even Google supports IE6 now.

When we started IE6 was the main available browsers but as new browsers improved we moved forward too.

Regarding the specific issue with IE6 in Author, it seems that the browser (or Flash) is not getting the list of libraries. First the Authoring page loads the Flash movie and then the Flash movie makes calls to the LAMS server to get the list of libraries.

What version of Flash is this browser running?

The best advice I can give you is to get a better browser (either Firefox or Chrome will work great).



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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