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I think Synergo would be very good to be added as a tool in lams. Synergo allows learners to collaborate in the creation of UML of diagrams using a shared desktop and a chat tool only for concrete instance of collaboration. Moreover, via Synergo Analysis Tool (that is incorporated in it), gives professor the capability to completely record all learners activities, and with this way to evaluate the collaboration and use this as feedback in next collaborative stages creating LAMS activities with the suitable messages.
The problem is that Synergo isn't a Web Based application. If it was, i think it would be more easier to incorporated in LAMS.
Here i explain how Synergo Works.
You can download Synergo relay Server from here:
And Synergo client from here:
You unzip both.
You run RelayServer.jar in one computer with double click on it.
You must Know the IP of this computer (cmd-->ipconfig). For example IP of this computer is
You run SynergoV5.jar-->Synergo Client in this computer and you run it and in another computer. In both computers, you go to tools-->options and in Relay Server Address field you select New and you type the above IP (
In Synergo Client, one user selects find partner tool, and select his partner. The other user accepts it. That's it! Collaboration begins!

I think relay server's adress would be a static IP for all users, and each user wouldn't have to specify this.
Can you estimate how difficult is Synergo integration into LAMS?

Posted by Giorgos Paschalis

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Hi Spyros, Giorgos,

A few years ago Spyros sent me and architectural document for Synergo and given that the client is a Java Applet, it can be integrated into pretty much any LAMS activity using the applet HTML tag.

Or has anything changed since then?



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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