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1: Teacher Manual
04/08/11 07:01 AM
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Hi. The original teacher manual has now been translated into Norwegian and extended with content to cover version 2.3.5

This manual is now freely available.

The Norwegian manual should be possible to use in Sweden and Denmark as well (although some of the expresions are different)

It has been written by using Libre Office 3.3.2 ( similar to Open Office )

You can get it either as pdfor odt fliles or it can be converted to doc files as well if you need it

Posted by erik engh

2: Re: Teacher Manual
In response to 1 04/08/11 07:44 AM
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Tusen takk, Erik!

The new manual can be downloaded from the Norks wiki front page:

Thanks again Erik


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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