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Yes, I really like this idea. Keen to see it as an option in the Moodle 2 implementation, although there needs to be the ability to turn this image off, as there may be sequences where showing this would "give away" some important aspect of the sequence that the teacher wants to keep hidden. But I think this is rare enough that the default setting would be to show the image unless you click something to turn it off.

On this general idea, I remember long ago thinking about having a special LAMS tool which was an "introduction to your sequence" tool that would be at the beginning of every sequence automatically - it would just be a Noticeboard for introducing the sequence - but would have a special feature to allow it to show this if the teacher wanted. Such a tool could also have other settings that relate to a whole sequence rather than individual tools (eg, if we had the concept of global properties, they could be implemented here).

In practice I think it is too late to implement an "automatic first tool" concept in LAMS now, but perhaps we could add an Advanced option to the Noticeboard tool to show the image of a sequence, and then those who like this idea could click this on a Noticeboard at the start of their sequence. This setting would be off by default ;-)

Posted by James Dalziel

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OK, I think this can be done.

Let me have a look at how we do the images for the sequences. I think we only create them on export but not when we save a sequence or create a lesson.

I'll work on some mockup for LAMS standalone and I think the Moodle2 one would look pretty much like Jeremy suggests.

More on this shortly.


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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In response to 30 05/05/11 12:15 AM
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OK, so we started working on this without resorting to mockups, so I hope we've got it right... :-)

So here's how it looks now for students in Moodle2:

Note that this feature can be turn on or off when then teacher creates/edits the lesson (see red circle):

This feature is already in CVS. However, you will need the latest LAMS code from the lams2_3_release. Details of the changes to LAMS are here and here for Moodle2.

We'll add this shortly to the moodle2-lams demo server shortly.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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This feature is now ready to be tested in the Moodle2-LAMS demo server.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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