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1: Restart at activity N-x ?
04/19/11 11:02 AM
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Hi folks,
I got a teacher who wants to implement some sort of simulation. Student has to consult patient data, construct artifacts and then chooses a solution that will put him/her into a branching activity). At some point B student will understand a wrong choice and he/she should be able to backtrack to some prior activity A and then land in a different branch.

So I am talking about some light-weight kind of looping that would allow a learner to redo things (if enabled in tools). That's already possible, i.e. one can go back to A and make changes. However, when the student goes to next activity, he will jump forward to the current activity B.

Instead she want's the student to go over all the activities between A and B and that would also imply landing in a different branch.

Can't be done if I understand right. So I got two questions:

1) Anyone did any kind of simulation that goes like: Student does xxx and gets yyy. Now we want the student to try again, until he gets the correct yyy. I am talking some kind of workarounds. E.g. just have instructions in the flow and put all student productions in some support activity? Or draw the branching activity N*N-1 times (a lot of work) ?

2) Any plans for some kind of looping in future LAMS version. I know that we already had a discussion about this, but can't recall when and where :)

- cheers ! - Daniel
attached a screen shot the teacher gave me. I just added the red annotaion

Posted by Daniel Schneider

2: Re: Restart at activity N-x ?
In response to 1 05/12/11 02:22 AM
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Can I ask again. I know that my vaguely formulated questions relate to the future or utopia, but "loops" are just very mission critical in many designs, like most CSCL, inquiry learning, project-based learning, problem-based learning ....

- cheers :) - Daniel

Posted by Daniel Schneider

3: Re: Restart at activity N-x ?
In response to 1 05/16/11 02:17 AM
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Hi Daniel,

Sorry for getting back to you so late on this... it's been quite busy on this end... as usual :-)

First, we have seen a really sharp increase in LAMS usage in Medical schools. Specially as they are using Problem Based Learning in their teaching (similar to the simulations that you are suggestion). Have a look at these sequences that were presented at the Sydney 2010 LAMS Conference:

Currently, we don't have a way to loop people to previous activities, but you can use Optional Sequences as that will allow students to try another path in case the one they have chosen is the right one.

Have a look at this visual example:

Would something like this work?

As for real looping, in the future we are expecting to implement this though. We don't have details on how this will really look as yet, but we'll bring it up into the community once we start the implementation ideas.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

4: Re: Re: Restart at activity N-x ?
In response to 3 05/16/11 09:10 AM
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yes I can understand that this is not priority for answering. I just now and then want to make sure that my voice is also heard, as opposed to people who rather would like to have more testing, control and communication features ;)

Thanx for the pointers !

Anyhow, I agree that it is a good idea to use the optional sequences. That's what I told the person who actually is implementing this design. Good you confirmed :)

Btw, any of you folks going to EdMedia 2011 in Lisbon ?

- cheers ! daniel

Posted by Daniel Schneider

5: Re: Re: Re: Restart at activity N-x ?
In response to 4 05/16/11 08:05 PM
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> Btw, any of you folks going to EdMedia 2011 in Lisbon ?

Let me check with Leanne, as I think she's the one that has been going to EdMedia for the past few years. I'll get back to you.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

6: Re: Re: Re: Restart at activity N-x ?
In response to 4 05/17/11 07:53 AM
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Hi Daniel,

Yes, it seems that Leanne will be in EdMedia this year. So I'll send you her details on an email shortly.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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