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1: Organisations in Moodle 1.* integration
05/11/11 10:44 PM
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It used to be that you could add an Organisation under integrated servers, whichI thought was then a group under which all users created by the moodle server sat.

Now organisation is deprecated, but is there another way of having all users created by an integrated server pushed into a particular group. I have Moodle 1.9 up and running fine, and can connect from moodle and a user is created with the prefix specified - but would be good if all the users from a specific integrated server went into a particular group - LAMS 2.3.5 we are working with.


Posted by Glen Davies

2: Re: Organisations in Moodle 1.* integration
In response to 1 05/12/11 10:32 PM
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Hi Glen,

You are right, in the past we used to have that option for people to select a but it confused people as they didn't know what an organisation worked.

Additionally, that created a limitation because all courses within the same integrated server were created as subgroup of this top level organisation.

Now there's not top level organisation for an integrated server but instead LAMS creates top level organisations/classes as many as it is required. So if you have course in your moodle called "Intro to Biology 101", then in LAMS we would create the same one on the fly too as a top level organisation/course.

So, yes, all users go into a specific integrated group according to the integrated server course.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: Re: Organisations in Moodle 1.* integration
In response to 2 05/12/11 10:49 PM
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Great, thanks, that explains it :-)


Posted by Glen Davies

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