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1: default content and users - how to delete
05/28/11 06:34 AM
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just installed lams, love this.

however i got two groups with the install and 4 users but i cant figure out how to delete the content.

when i go to author as a sysadmin, then open and in the file dialog try to delete the mathamatics 1 or playpen in the my groups folder i get permission denied you do not have permission to write to this folder.

i have manged to set the status of these groups to removed in the group management screen as a sysadmin, but they still appear on the file dialog in author.

any help on how to get rid of these file would be great


Posted by keith taynton

2: Re: default content and users - how to delete
In response to 1 05/28/11 09:26 PM
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Hi Keith,

The reason you see those folders is bacause you are part of these groups/courses (or you are sysadmin -who is allowed to see all groups/courses).

If you don't want to see them in your authoring area, just remove the user for this course.

So for instance if you want to remove the test1 user from the course, login as sysadmin, go to the Group mgmt menu, select the Math1 course and click on Add/Remove Users. Then uncheck the user and that will take this user out of this course.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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