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1: LAMS 2.4: update on installers
03/30/12 11:59 AM
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Hi Fellas,

We have found a few new bugs while testing and I want to thank all of you who has been sending issues you've found. That's been really helpful.

While we are dealing with this new bugs, we've been working on the installers now and there are going to be some significant improvements.

One of the more complex things with installing LAMS is that you need to install Java JDK first, then MySQL, then Wildfire and then LAMS. It's actually also quite a bit of software to download (over 400MBs!). Not to mention the

So we wanted to bundle them all and create a single installer that just works.

Fortunately and after quite a bit of work, we've managed to do so! :-)

Installing LAMS 2.4 will be a walk in the park, with and all in one slim installer with non complicated installer.

The estimated final installer will be around 145MBs!

Hopefully we'll have them available for testing next week.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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