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1: Assessment-gradebook issues
03/20/13 08:13 AM
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Hi Ernie, hi everybody
While I'm working on this, I'm writing down a list about problems and improvements. Today's list includes:

- problems with gradebook. The situation: in my sequence I have an assessment activity with just one question. In the question bank (in the same assessment activity) I have two questions (the one I'm using and one more). When the student answers correctly to the question, the assessment activity displays: mark 1 out of 1. That's OK. But the Gradebook will display "1.00/2", because it includes the question I didn't add to the activity. At least, my Gradebook displays this :)

- in the short answer questions in an Assessment activity, when a student adds a space after the correct answer the system doesn't recognize it as correct.
My ________ is Luca.
In Moodle cloze tests, for example, if you type here "name ", you get the mark as if you had typed "name".

I hope that could help for future improvements.
Thanks! Ciao!

Posted by Luca Policastro

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