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1: Drag and drop quiz?
05/15/13 04:44 AM
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Hi Ernie, hi everybody.
Just a quick suggestion for future developments: it would be great to have drag and drop questions in the Assessment activity.

What I mean is that in a text with blank spaces, the student would be able to select the correct word on a list and drag and drop it into the right space.

I suggest this because I have no idea about actually how to implement it :-P : maybe it's too difficult, but for example Moodle has a plugin like this:

In my experimentation, I wanted the students to fill a table with some verbs, but the only way I found was to ask them to fill a spreadsheet. Of course a teacher had to correct students' answers manually :(

So, just a suggestion :-)
Have a nice day


Posted by Luca Policastro

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