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1: Canned wiki text can't be edited by students.
10/18/13 08:53 AM
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When you deploy a sequence that includes a wiki *with pre-created pages*, learners cannot edit these.

I.e. they get a message that says (roughly translated from french, Veuillez attendre que l'enseignant ajoute du contenu à cette activité"): Please what until the teacher added contents to this activity.

This is undesired behavior. Teacher ought to able to create pages as an author and then have students edit these without the teacher having to edit again though the monitoring tools.

- greetings ! Daniel (in bug reporting mode....)

Posted by Daniel Schneider

2: Re: Canned wiki text can't be edited by students.
In response to 1 10/22/13 09:50 AM
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Hi Daniel,

There's a bug on this as well. But it's a bit tricky.

Here's the explanation:

This only occurs if the teacher in monitor for the Wiki activity has clicked on the "Edit activity" button.

While the teacher edits the activity, if a learner reaches the activity, this message saying "the teacher is editing the activity" is displayed.

However, if the teacher decides to cancel the editing, the Wiki tool should release this flag and let the students see the content.

But for some reason, the "Cancel" button does not release this flag. Therefore the students are literally "stuck" in the activity.

There's a way around this though and it's to click on the Edit activity in monitor and instead of clicking the Cancel button, just press "Save". That way the flag is removed.

At any rate, this is a bug as the Cancel button should also remove the flag and currently it isn't.

So I raised this development task for it.

Thanks Daniel... any more bugs, please report them! We love to squish bugs! :-)


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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