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1: SCORM Package in LAMS
08/16/14 03:29 AM
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My name is Andreou Andreas and i make a diplomatic which i have to make the LAMS to accept SCORM Package.

My questions:
In the LAMS source there is a tool share resources and if i understood also an IMS folder. So the LAMS can accept IMS content Package.There are some codes like IMSManifestException, OrganizationXMLDef, SimpleContentPackageConverter... which are rensponsible to (convert) unzip a file and to read the manifest.xml. The manifest.xml there is also at the SCORM package the same, so i can use the same code if is not a problem;

The different between SCORM and IMS package its about the communication. At the SCORM package there are SCOs obeject and when is starting the communicate is lounching one SCO each time. So only to convert the zip file and to read from the manifest is the same with the IMS content package.I find a code with the functions about the SCORM package:
public void LMSSetIdentifier(String parameter)
public String LMSInitialize(String parameter)
public String LMSGetValue(String element)
public String LMSSetValue(String element, String value)
public String LMSCommit(String parameter)
public String LMSFinish(String parameter)
public String LMSGetLastError()
public String LMSGetErrorString(String errorCode)
public String LMSGetDiagnostic(String errorCode) public String GetXml(String myData,String myParameter, String myAction)
I try to input those functions and combine with the code from the IMS folder which already exist: lams_tool_larsrc/src/java/org/lamsfoundation/lams/tool/rsrc/ims and to make a new folder whith the name SCORM bud the code has to run with the whole tool "share resources". How i will run it to see if is working i have download already: Jbos,esclipse-SDK,mysql-essential-5.1.73-winx64(1),Apache.

Another problem that i have its about the button SCORM Package that i want to input Ike:
Add URL, Add Single File, Add Zipped Website, Add IMS Content Package and after to exist Add SCORM Package .

I don't find the code that is responsible, i was searching any code HTML or JavaScript but i didn't find it.

Andreou Andreas

Posted by Andreas Andreou

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