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1: export fail again
02/20/15 10:07 AM
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I cant export the guided research_method_flipped file could u help me please, cause i need it for my exams. thanks for ur try

Posted by gusviper gusviper

2: Re: export fail again
In response to 1 02/20/15 10:31 AM
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and that is my log file

Posted by gusviper gusviper

3: Re: Re: export fail again
In response to 2 05/03/15 04:58 AM
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Hi Gus,

Where is it that you are experiencing this problem. Is it on or in



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

4: Re: Re: Re: export fail again
In response to 3 05/11/15 04:50 AM
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We also do have an export problem lams2_2.4.0-1. I tried several files.

The funny thing is that it exports OK from the LAMS server, but not via Moodle. A trace is attached.

Posted by Daniel Schneider

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