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1: LAMS and Raptivity Essentials
03/15/15 08:48 PM
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Hi! I'm wanting to introduce some gamification into my online modules and I have been looking at Raptivity Essentials
I’ve been viewing the Flash samples and HTML5 samples (Panning cards, Cube, E-book, Process, Mindmap…) and what I’m wondering is this: can you tell from the info whether I would be able to embed them into my LAMS sequences or are they designed to stand alone for classroom lesson type use?
Cheers, Louise Mason

Posted by Louise Mason

2: Re: LAMS and Raptivity Essentials
In response to 1 05/03/15 05:07 AM
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Hi Louise,

Please have a look at this example on how to embed external content (in this case Raptivity) within a LAMS lesson:



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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