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1: LessonLAMS login problem
05/12/15 11:04 PM
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This is the message I'm getting on my screen:
"java.lang.NullPointerException: Unknown runtime exception! Show detail"
I tried closing the browser, searching these forums, but everything seems to point to actually needing some intervention at the LAMS end, I think.
Cheers, Louise

Posted by Louise Mason

2: Re: LessonLAMS login problem
In response to 1 06/07/15 05:53 AM
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Hi Louise,

I had a closer look and finally managed to reproduce this error.

It occurs when you delete a sequence that is currently being set as your current sequence.

When you login into lessonlams, the first sequence you see is your current sequence. If then you go to open it in full author and delete it, the reference to it is lost and you get the error message you've been getting.

We'll fix this issue in the future, but so you can circumvent this problem, I'd suggest that before you delete a sequence, you make sure that you set another sequence as your current sequence.

That should prevent this issue from happening again.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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