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1: Scorm
09/30/05 08:02 AM
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Hi Everybody- I am working with an LOR called Intrallect which will accept lesson uploads in Scorm format

is there a way to save a lesson in scorm format on the LAMS system ready for upload to the LOR


Posted by Trevor Schofield

2: Re: Scorm
In response to 1 10/04/05 12:29 AM
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Hi Trevor,

Indeed, using the Share Resources activity tool in LAMS you can point to any web resource. So if you have the URL to where the SCORM player starts, you can just add it as a link.

LAMS, in its current version, only is able to play IMS Content Packages (also using the Share Resources tool). You can upload a learnig object (in IMSCP) and once the learner gets to that activity, Share Resource it will "play" it to the user.


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: Scorm
In response to 1 10/04/05 05:21 AM
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I few more ideas on LAMS and SCORM (it seem appropriate to comment on this, as I'm at the SCORM Stewardship conference in Melbourne today!):

(1) I don't think it is possible to "package" a LAMS sequence as a SCORM object (SCO) or course, as they make different assumptions about e-learning: SCORM is a content-centric single-learner model of e-learning; whereas LAMS is an activity-centric multi-learner model. There is no way (that I can see) to make multi-learner tasks in LAMS (such as Forum, Chat, Q&A, etc) "run" within the SCORM RTE, as SCORM wasn't built for multiple learners interacting together.

While the "SCORM is not for everyone" debate now seems to have past, you can see some interesting discussion of SCORM and education at
including a very early post from me on the work that led to LAMS

On the other hand, SCORM is excellent for single-learner content. At today's conference sessions we've talked alot about training for changing landing gear on planes, and I must say that I'd prefer an appropriate SCORM content object to teach this topic than a content-free discussion sequence in LAMS ("what do you think about changing langing gear?", "oh, I don't know, how do you feel about it?" ...ugh).

(2) In LAMS V1.1 (or soon after), we hope to have a SCORM 1.2 delivery tool to complement the IMS CP delivery tool. So this would allow you to run a SCORM object or course inside a LAMS sequence (so, you could have a content object about changing landing gear, perhaps followed by some collaborative tasks to discuss unexpected problems and different strategies for solving them).

(3) A bit further into the future, I'd love to see a SCORM 2004 authoring tool built into LAMS that uses the drag and drop features of our Flash authoring interface combined with the hard stuff from IMS Simple Sequencing to create a visual sequencing tool for content objects. Again, this would then run as one tool inside a LAMS sequence (although the authoring process for this tool would be different from others - I imagine it would pop open a new drag and drop authoring environment for SCO sequencing - perhaps with a black background and round objects to distinguish it visually from the current activity authoring environment of white background, square activities).

Posted by James Dalziel

4: Re: Scorm
In response to 1 10/04/05 05:24 AM
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Before I forget, I worked with Intrallect on a previous project (COLIS), and really like their system. I think they've even included LAMS sequences (that is, *.las) as a file format type when you upload resources - which means you could use Intralibrary to store LAMS sequences, then you could search for them based on this file type. Anyone from Intrallect out there who can comment further on this?

Posted by James Dalziel

5: Re: Re: Scorm
In response to 4 10/07/05 04:59 AM
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Hi all.

Yes I can confirm Intrallect intraLibrary still recognises the .las file extension and maps it to the application/x-lams mime-type.

Anyone is welcome to try it for themselves by registering for Intrallect's free demo of the intraLibrary Learning Object Repository.

Posted by Martin Morrey

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