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1: Changing code names
04/11/06 01:39 AM
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Hi Everyone,

As you might have seen in the wiki, our dear dolly is now called LAMS 2.0 instead of LAMS 1.1.

There are good marketing and technical reasons for this... I'll leave the marketing ones to James ;-). Technically, dolly was originally thought to be an improved version of LAMS 1.0.x. However, after gathering requiremets we soon realized that there wasn't much of the existing 1.0.x code that we could used... althought we thought we would use most of the code of the tools.

A few months afterwards, we realized that there was little point of using the 1.0.x tool's code as it'd had to be modified quite a lot anyway and it was cleaner to completely re-write those again (especially after the definition of the tool contract).

So effectively, we are re-writing LAMS. Given the dramatic changes, version 2.0 sounds more appropriate.

Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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