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You may request notification for LAMS 2.5 News ?.

1: LAMS 2.5 News ?
04/07/16 04:27 AM
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I am asking for News about LAMS 2.5, the "html version". Is there any ETA ?

- cheers ! Daniel

PS: I am getting the impression that the project has slowed down quite a lot (compared to the early years). It would be too sad to see this project fade away since there are no other workflow systems like this.

Posted by Daniel Schneider

2: Re: LAMS 2.5 News ?
In response to 1 04/08/16 08:32 AM
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Hello everybody.
I just want to say that I totally agree with Daniel. It would be a pity if the project stopped.
Cheer up!

Posted by Luca Policastro

3: Re: LAMS 2.5 News ?
In response to 1 04/11/16 08:43 AM
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Hi Daniel,

You raised a really good point.

First off, let me start by apologising for our very poor communication over the past 6-to-8 months. It's been rather bad.

The good news is that LAMS is actually not slowing down but suffering the opposite effect.

For the past 12 months we've been very active with development. We had over 900 commits, worked on over 300 new features and fixes, added a new development stream to update the complete LAMS tech stack to the latest technologies and added Fiona -one of the original developers, back into the team.

Additionally due to the number of LAMS project in Singapore, we now have open a new LAMS office in Singapore! (where I had recently relocated to a bit over a month ago).

We have been working with the LKC Medical School here in Singapore for the past two years on using LAMS in the context of Team Based Learning. And I'm pretty certain that we might be one of the first e-Learning platforms to be able to run successful TBL programs. Here's how LKC uses TBL with LAMS.

As part of this work LKC has got a few accolades and now the Nanyang Technological University is also using TBL based on LAMS for their innovative Renaissance Engineering Programme.

And to continue our work in the TBL field ,we'll participate at the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) conference in Barcelona at the end of August 2016.

We also have other projects in Chile, Australia, the US, Cyprus, etc that are rolling new features in LAMS and contributing to keep it sustainable.

So, LAMS is very much alive but keeping us incredibly busy.

Unfortunately, and due to all this, we have left the LAMS Community to go pretty much unattended. Same goes for official LAMS releases.

We are thankful that all the project we do for most of these institutions are being also released as open source software. That's a very valuable.

And also to Spyros Papadakis, Eleni Rossiou and Matt Bower that have been taking the initiative and encouraging people to share their LAMS sequences in the community

Now we have over 3000 LAMS sequences (~2000 in LAMS Central and the rest in other sub-communities) on a wide variety of subjects and interests.

We are still committed to the community and to keep LAMS available to it.

I'll give you a better picture on where we are with LAMS 2.5+ within this week.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

4: Re: Re: LAMS 2.5 News ?
In response to 3 04/12/16 06:48 AM
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Hi Ernie

Good news then !! I do admit that I was bit worried, since one can find broken links to Melcoe, etc. Glad to hear that you found a new home :)

I will look forward to the new version ! I don't know if you decided to make some changes to the interface in terms of usability. Usability improvements may be something that could be discussed at some point.

Also, I take time to translate as soon as find time (early summer I think). I definitely do want the first release version working in french.

Posted by Daniel Schneider

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